Getting Started with ACES and OCIO

24 Dec 2020

Supplementary information on ACES and OCIO.

Windows for Linux.

See this video for How to enable WSL on Windows 10

To set up the OCIO environment variable under WSL, run the following commands. This assumes you haven’t set up .bash_profile already.

echo export OCIO=/mnt/d/programs/ocio/OCIOConfigs/configs/aces_1.2/config.ocio > .bash_profile
source .bash_profile
env | grep OCIO

If you’ve already setup .bash_profile, then use nano to edit the file in the shell directly. Or you can use vim if you roll that way.

nano .bash_profile


To install the OCIOCHECK command run this (tested under Ubuntu 20.04) command. Note that this requires sudo access.

sudo apt install opencolorio-tools

You can then run the command using.